Top 10 Best Online Business for Housewife in India 2021

Best Online Business for Housewifes
Online Business for Housewife

Top 10 Online Business for Housewife in India

Most of the women in India are housewives. Apart from household work, no woman does such work to earn money. As we all know this is the era of technology. there are thousands of ways to earn money from the internet. But today I will tell you Best Online Business for Housewife that you can do some online business along with household work, by which you can also earn a good amount of money. So without wasting time lets get into the list of top Online Business for Housewife in India.

List of 10 Best Online business for Housewife

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1. YouTube Channel

Youtube channel online business

Starting a youtube channel in 2k20. is the best opportunity and online business for Indian housewife. Working on YouTube is a very good business in itself. you don’t need to work under anyone. you will work as an independent creator. The biggest advantage of youtube you will get fame with money. which can drive a huge number of users on your Instagram pages. which gonna increase your earning.

Types of youtube channels can create

  • Cooking Channel
  • Beauty Tips
  • Yoga Channel
  • Arts & Craft

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2. Freelancing

Free Lancing Image

Freelancing can be a good online business for housewife in India. you are also independent here. You can easily create your freelancer account on a different type of websites (eg – Fiverr, UpWork, Designing & Writing can be a good option for Indian housewife as a freelancer.

Freelancing work that Indian housewife can do from home

  • Designing
  • Writing
  • Singing

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3. Ecommerce

Ecommerce website image

Indian women are always creative. every woman has different creativity and talent. actually you can sell your art. if you are good at making papad, masala, bags, snacks don’t sit start your online business at Amazon or Flipkart. this can be the best online business for you. with easy steps, you can create seller account at different eCommerce website. if you want to create your personal website it will take some time to Grow.

Shopping websites you can make

  • Snacks
  • Handmade Clothes
  • Handmade Bags

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4. E-Books

Ebooks image

You won’t believe people are earning in lakhs per month just by selling an ebook. an ebook just needs one-time hard work. After writing an ebook you can publish it on any platform. suppose you decided Rs.499 price for your ebook if 100 people per month purchase your ebook. You can easily make Rs.50,000 out if it.

Write about these Topics

  • Relationship
  • Motherhood
  • Motivation

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Image

Affiliate marketing is the way of making a commission by promoting products of a particular company. You have to find a product you like, promote it to other buyers, and earn a piece of the commission for each sale that you make. You don’t need to learn anything. just sign up, start promoting products & make money. A housewife can easily make money by promoting Fashion, Makeup, Clothes & Kitchen Products.

Types of Affiliate Products that you can sell

  • Fashion Products
  • Makeup
  • Clothes

6. Blogging

Blogging Image

Blogging is a very good option for a long time earning in 2021. You have to purchase a domain connect it with google blogger or buy hosting and install WordPress. The blog will be ready after it. You have to publish articles on a particular niche (category). to earn money from your blog you can promote affiliate products or can use Google Adsense. A lot of Indian women are working as a full-time blogger and making a huge amount of money with it.

Categories for your blog

  • Baby Care
  • Pet Care
  • Makeup & Beauty

7. Data Entry

Data Entry

Data entry is a job in which employees add, verify, and edit electronic data. A lot of companies hiring people to transcribe notes from meetings, add raw data into databases, and add sales figures.

A data entry job entails working as a handler of different types of electronic data and operating devices that professionals use to enter and edit data, such as a keyboard. There are a number of occupations in this industry, including typist, coder, transcriber or word processor.

If you have a Lil bit of tech knowledge then you can easily get into data entry job as a freelancer or fulltime.

Website for data entry


8. Sell Courses

Courses image

Selling a course is very similar to the ebook business. in ebooks, simply create a course and sell in the same way that you sell an ebook. the particular course will be for the person who wants to learn about that topic. course selling can make you rich 🙂

Courses you can make & Sell

  • Kitchen
  • Happy Relationship
  • Sewing

9. Online tutoring

Online tutor Image

Most of the women like to teach & its also the best job for women. How about if you get a chance to teach the children while sitting at home?

Yes, Its totally true you can teach while sitting at home. start an educational youtube channel or blog and make money.

There are a large number of educational channels available on youtube and you won’t believe they are making 6 digit income.

10. Content Writing

Content Writing

Content writing a very easy freelancing online business for housewives. It can easily be done from home. you don’t need any specific device for this online job. just take your laptop, start writing & make money. In my opinion content writing can be the best online business for housewife.

Here’s a Pro trick to make money without even writing 😉

Take your order and Give it to any other freelancer in less price. Its something like reselling. but it will play a big role in your online business. because “Smartwork is more important than hard work”

Website for content writing online job



I hope you enjoyed this article about “Top 10 Best Online Business for Housewife in India 2021”. If you guys find this article helpful then do share it with Housewifes. Thank you so much reading till here.

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