MyTeam11 Referral Code & App Apk Download Latest Version 2021

MyTeam11 is one of the best fantasy app in India. with more than 1 crore users. It Provides Fantasy leagues by joining them you can earn money. We all know that. IPL has started. But Unfortunately this time IPL will not like before due to COVID19. Now IPL is happening in UAE. So, This time pitch conditions and weather conditions will be different from India.

And All the fantasy Players have to play safe 😉

So, Today we are going to explain each and everything about the awesome fanatsy application MyTeam11.

MyTeam11 App

We all know there are a lot of fantasy apps in the market. for eg: MyFab11, MPL, Gamezy, Faboom & Many others. But here we are going to discuss what thing make MyTeam11 App unique from others. So Without wasting time lets get start it.

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MyTeam11 Referral Code 2021

Use IHDFANTASY as a referral code in Myteam11 App. and get ₹100 (₹25+₹75) as a signup bonus.

MyTeam11 Apk App Download Latest Version

Follow all the below steps to Download and Signup on Myteam11 App.

  • First of All Download MyTeam11 Apk
  • Click on Download now and install it in your mobile Phone.
  • Open App and choose your Language and click on Sign Up Button.
  • Enter MyTeam11 Referral Code and Get Rs.25 Sign Up Bonus – IHDFANTASY (Referral Code)
  • Enter mobile number and email address and verify.
  • You will Get Rs.25 as Sign Up Bonus when you verify your mobile number and email.
  • You need to verify your PAN details for extra Rs.75 Sign Up bonus. then you will have Rs.100 in your Wallet.

Steps to play in MyTeam11 Apk

  • After successfully registering on MyTeam11. You will see game types in top of the App Interface.
  • Select Cricket, Football or any other sports.
  • Now select your league
  • Choose amount which you want to invest
  • Make your team
  • That’s It now wait for your winning <3

Steps to withdraw money in Myteam11 App

You won money in MyTeam11 app? Now its turn to withdraw your money in your bank or wallet. so follow all the steps below.

  • Open MyTeam11 App and Go to My Account Option.
  • Go to Withdrawal Option and Verify your Bank Details.
  • Enter Bank Details or UPI Address.
  • Enter your Winning Amount.
  • That’s It, You will Get your Withdrawal amount within 24 Hours.

Myteam11 app Promo Codes 2021

  1. MyTeam11 Referral Code Offer: Get Rs.100 On Signup – IHDFANTASY
  2. MyTeam11 Signup Bonus Offer: Flat Rs.150 on Sign Up – FREE
  3. MyTeam11 Refer & Earn Offer: Get Rs.50 & Your Friend Get Rs.50 Bonus See Details – FREE
  4. MyTeam11 First time Offer: Flat 50% Bonus on First-time Deposit – FIRST50

MyTeam11 Video Tutorial

Myteam11 Apk App review

MyTeam11 is the best fantasy app for newbies and pros too. you can play all types of sports fantasy in MyTeam11 App. Its 100% Trusted fantasy app which is trusted by more than 10 million users. that’s why One and only Virender Sehwag is brand ambassador of this fantasy app. This app is verified by us. you can trust this app blindly.

Myteam11 Fantasy app Pros & Cons

  • One of the most trusted fantasy app in India
  • All type of sports available
  • User friendly
  • Best Dream11 Alternative
  • 1 Crore+ users
  • Instant Withdrawal is not Available
  • High Competition
  • 100% Bonus is not usable

Myteam11 app point system

Points for Cricket


Type of pointsT20ODITESTT10/3TC
Playing 11+2+2+2+2/0
Boundary Bonus+0.5+0.5+0.5+1
Six Bonus+1+1+1+2
30 Run BonusNANANA+8
Half-century Bonus+4+2+2+16
Century Bonus+8+4+4NA


Type of pointsT20ODITESTT10/3TC
Wicket (Excluding Run Out)+20+22+15+20
2 wickets haul BonusNANANA+8
3 wickets haul Bonus+2+2+2+16
4 wickets haul Bonus+4+4+4NA
5 wickets haul Bonus+8+8+8NA
Maiden over+4+2NA+10


Type of pointsT20ODITESTT10/3TC
Run-out (Direct)+8+8+8+8


Only applicable on Bowlers & All Rounders

Type of pointsT20
Applicable for players bowling minimum overs2 Overs
Below 4 runs per over+3
Between 4-4.99 runs per over+2
Between 5-6 runs per over+1
Between 9-10 runs per over-1
Between 10.1-11 runs per over-2
Above 11 runs per over-3
Type of pointsODI
Applicable for players bowling minimum overs5 Overs
Below 2.5 runs per over+3
Between 2.50-3.49 runs per over+2
Between 3.50-4.50 runs per over+1
Between 7-8 runs per over-1
Between 8.1-9 runs per over-2
Above 9 runs per over-3
Type of pointsT10/3TC
Applicable for players bowling minimum overs1 Ball
Below 6 Runs Per Over+3
Between 6-6.99 runs per Over+2
Between 7-8 Runs Per Over+1
Between 11-12 Runs Per Over-1
Between 12.01-13 runs per over-2
Above 13 Runs per Over-3


Type of pointsT20
Applicable for players batting minimum balls10 Balls
Between 60-70 runs per 100 balls-1
Between 50-59.9 runs per 100 balls-2
Below 50 runs per 100 balls-3
Type of pointsODI
Applicable for players batting minimum balls20 Balls
Between 50-60 runs per 100 balls-1
Between 40-49.9 runs per 100 balls-2
Below 40 runs per 100 balls-3
Type of pointsT10/3TC
Applicable for players batting minimum balls1 Over
Between 90-99.99-1
Between 80-89.99-2
Below 80-3
Points for Football


Type of pointsPoints
Played 55 minutes or more+2
Played less than 55 minutes+1


Type of pointsPoints
For every goal scored GK/Defender+10
For every goal scored Midfielder+9
For every goal scored Forward+8
For every assist+5
For every 20 passes completed+1
For every 10 passes completed+0.5
For every 2 shots on target+1


Type of pointsPoints
Clean sheet Midfielder+1
Clean sheet GK/Defender+5
For every 3 shots saved GK+2
For every penalty saved GK+9
For every 3 successful tackles made+1


Type of pointsPoints
Yellow card-1
Red card-3
For every own goal-2
For every 2 goals conceded GK/Defender-1
For every penalty missed-2
Points for Kabaddi


Type of pointsPoints
Being part of the Starting 74
Making a substitute appearance2
Each successful raid touch point4
Raid Bonus2
Each successful tackle5
Each unsuccessful raid-1
Super tackle4
Pushing all out (starting 7)3
Getting all out (starting 7)-2
Green Card-2
Yellow Card-4
Red Card-6
Points for Basketball


Type of pointsPoints
Points Scored1
Turn Overs-1
Points for Volleyball


Type of pointsPoints
For winning each set, starter of that particular set will get+2
For losing each set, starter of that particular set will get-1


Type of pointsPoints
Successful Attack/ Kill+3


Type of pointsPoints
Libero’s Per Dig+1


Type of pointsPoints
Successful Block+2


Type of pointsPoints
Successful Serve+2


Type of pointsPoints
For 5 successful attack+10
For 10 successful attack+20
For 15 successful attack+30
For 20 successful attack+40
For 5 successful block+10
For 10 successful block+20
For 15 successful block+30
For 20 successful block+40


Type of pointsPoints
Points for Hockey


Type of pointsPoints
For Every Goal Scored (GK/Defender)+60
For Every Goal Scored (Midfielder)+50
For Every Goal Scored (Forward)+40
For every good pass+1
For every assist+24
Shots on Target+4
Circle Penetration+2
Penalty Corner Earned+4
Penalty Stroke Earned+12


Type of pointsPoints
Saves (GK)+8
Penalty Stroke Saved (GK)+40


Type of pointsPoints
Yellow Card-4
Red Card-8
Green Card-2
Penalty Stroke Missed-12
Goal Conceded (GK)-10
Goal Conceded (Defender)-5
Goal Conceded (Midfielder)-3
Points for Baseball


Type of pointsPoints
Single (1B)
Batter reaches the first base
Double (2B)
Batter reaches second base
Triple (3B)
Batter reaches third base
Home Run (HR)
(Batter hits it out of the park or reaches back to home base)
Runs Batted In (RBI)
(Batter on strike caused one or more runs to be scored)
Runs Scored (R)
Player crosses home base to score a run
Base On Balls (BBH) Or Walks
A walk (or base on balls) occurs when a pitcher throws “4 balls” or legal deliveries to the same batter
Stolen base (SB)
Runner advances to next base while the pitcher is pitching


Type of pointsPoints
Inning Pitched (IP)
The pitcher gets 3 batters outs. The pitcher gets 1 point per out
Strikeout (SO)
The pitcher throws three strikes to get a batter out
Earned Run (ER)
Run conceded by the pitcher
Hit Allowed (H)
When the batter reaches 1st base
Base on Balls (BBH) or Walk
A walk occurs when a pitcher throws 4 ‘balls’ or illegal deliveries to the same batter
Points for Handball


Type of pointsPoints


Type of pointsPoints
Save (GK only)2
Penalty Saved (GK only)3


Type of pointsPoints
Yellow Card-1
Red Card/Blue Card-3
Penalty Miss-2
Points for Rugby
Play TimePlayed for 50 minutes or more4 Points
Played for less than 50 minutes2 Point
TryPlayer successfully scores a try10 Points
GoalSuccessful conversion or penalty attempt4 Points
Field GoalSuccessful attempt at drop goal8 Points
Try AssistAction that created a Try Scoring chance for a team mate8 Points
Line BreakBall carrier breaks the defensive line in open play. If no previous line break has been registered it can also be applied as a player crosses the try line, even if he is still in contact.6 Points
Line Break AssistAn action by attacking player that has led to or created the chance of a Line Break.4 Points
TacklePlayer successfully halts the progress of opposition in possession of the ball2 Points
Tackle BreakPlayer breaks free of defensive players who have initiated an attempted tackle5 Points
Missed TacklePlayer has missed or fallen off a tackle-4 Points
OffloadPlayer successfully passes whilst in contact with defensive players4 Points
ErrorAttributed to players when they make a mistake such as dropping or passing the ball forward resulting in a turnover or repeat set.-4 Points
40/20 or 20/40A kick from on or behind the 40m /20m line in the player’s half of the field that successfully goes out of the field of play on or inside the 20m /40m line of the opposition half6 Points
Total Metres gainedAll metres run by a players with the ball in handTotal meters run divided by every 10 meters completed
Kick MetresAll in-field metres travelled by the ball after kicked by a playerTotal Meters gained kicking divided by every 20 meters completed
Penalty concededAll infringements of the rules leading to the opposition receiving a penalty-4 Points
Sin-Bin/Send-OffAll infringements of the rules leading to the opposition receiving a penalty-8/-12 Point
Try SavesAction by defence that prevents a try being scored8 Points
Kicks DefusedSuccessful action preventing opposition scoring or regaining the ball.2 Points
Forced Drop-outsAction resulting in a player being ‘forced’ in goal resulting in a drop-out.4 Points
Points for Quiz
User NameTotal QuestionsCorrect AnswersWrong/Non-attempted AnswersTotal Time Taken (In Seconds)PointsRank
User 110100801001
User 210100851002
User 3109193903
User 4108295804

Myteam11 apk contact details

FAQ’s for Myteam11

Is Myteam11 Illega? in India
No, Myteam11 is totally legal
Can I play in MyTeam11 while out of India?
No, Currently myteam11 supports only Indian Payment system
Who is Brand ambassador of myteam11 app?
Virender Sehwag ambassador of myteam11 app.
How much minimum payout in MyTeam11 App?
The minimum payout in myteam11 app is 150 rs.

Final Words on MyTeam11

Thank you so much guys for reading till here. I hope I covered all the topics regarding myteam11 app. if anything left you can suggest me by commenting below. If you need any help regarding this app or any other fantasy app or any type of help by our site you can simply Contact us.

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